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Lost Reef Resort & Hideaway

Riversdale, Stann Creek District, Belize

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How to Get to Lost Reef Resort
From Belize City or Placencia:
By Bus - It takes approximately  3 hours to drive (by car) from Belize City to Lost Reef Resort. Some buses are express and some are not (many stops along the way).  This will increase the time it takes to get to the resort.  You will also have to make a connection in Dangriga to get here.
By Air - We are a Tropic Air Agent and can help you book your flight. From Belize City International Airport you can take a Tropic Air flight to Placencia, which is just 13 miles away from the resort.  The flights typically take around 30-40 minutes.   We also offer transportation to and from the Placencia Airstrip.  Please be advised that arrangements will need to be made with us in advance of your arrival.

By Car Rental - Car rentals are available in both Placencia and Belize City.  In Belize City we recommend Crystal Auto Rental.  You can see info at Crystal Belize Rentals. In Placencia we recommend Stann Creek Rentals at  Please note, we do not recommend driving south from Belize City to Lost Reef Resort after dusk.

By Shuttle - There are several shuttle services to and from Placencia as well.  You can check them out at the following links: 
 What to Bring
Tee shirts
ShortsSun glasses
Bathing suitCap or hat
SunscreenLightweight long pants
Bug sprayClosed-toe shoes for hiking

Long sleeved shirt

What to leave Behind
  • Expensive jewelry
  • Dressy Clothes
  • Stress

Things to Know:
Climate - The Climate is subtropical, with brisk prevailing winds from the Caribbean Sea.  The annual temperature averages about 80 degrees farhenheit.  The rainy season is between June and August.
Currency - Local Currency is in Belize Dollar or $BZD.  One US dollar is equivalent to BZD $2.00.  Banks and ATM's are located throughout the country.
Language - English is the official language and is widely spoken.  Creole, Spanish, Maya and Garifuna are also spoken.
Time Zone - Belize occupies time zone GMT-6, same as US Central Standard Time.  Daylight savings time is not observed.  



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